Shiner Dun It

                  SHINER'S STORY


 Shiner (a/k/a Bubba) has been a dream of ours for several years and he's finally come true!  We are still in disbelief that he's come to our barn to join us at Trickle Creek Ranch.  We really believe he's the answer to our Half-Arabian breeding program!


 Shiner was born in Roanoke, Alabama.  His breeder, Mr. Don Green, owns both Shiner’s sire Quigley Dun It, a 1996 buckskin, and his dam Shiners San Gold, a 1997 palomino (whom he later sold).  Mr. Green is the #1 auctioneer in the United States and can be seen on TV doing many of the futurity sales.  Mr. Green's credentials are quite extensive, but to list a few of the sales where he has been involved, he was the auctioneer for the 1st ever Ranch Production Sale called "Strait from the Ranch" for you guessed it: George Strait himself!  Also, he's been the auctioneer for several others like the Colorado State University's Annual Legends of Ranching Sale in 2007, where his high selling horse went for $23,500 (6yr old grey gelding), the 2007 Legacy Reining Breeders Sale where the sale horses are all eligable for the NRBC (National Reining Breeders Classic), the 2008 San Antonio's Select Sale, the Western Bloodstock Summer Sales held in conjunction with the NCHA Summer Spectacular Cutting Horse Show in Fort Worth, TX as well as MANY others!  Mr. Green has seen several of the top selling horses in the country, so when he bred Quigley Dun It to Shiners San Gold, he knew he was expecting something spectacular - and he knew the "going rate" for such a horse!  (Mr. Don Green is pictured below at the 2008 Augusta Futurity).


The story of how Mr. Don Green and Mr. Ed Grooms, Shiner's second owner, met is an interesting one.  In the early 60's, Ed Grooms moved from the Carolina's to Atlanta where he met his first wife, Elaine Brown, who was originally from Roanoke, Alabama.   Elaine grew up just down the road from the Greens residence.  One day, Ed and Mr. Brown (Ed's new father-in-law) decided to take a trip down to see Mr. Hope Green (Don Green's father).  Mr. Hope Green owned hundreds of acres raising cattle and doing some horse trading on his farm.  Ed Grooms grew up with horses and at the age of 65 years young, can still ride the worst, most sour horse you could possibly find!  As Mr. Brown introduced Mr. Grooms to Mr. Green, there was a horse saddled close by.  The horse was acting a little frisky and Mr. Green proceeded to tell Mr. Brown and Mr. Grooms how much trouble the horse was giving him and how nobody on the farm could ride him.  Mr. Green was at the point where he didn't know what he was going to do with the horse.  Ed looked at Mr. Green and said, "I'll ride him."  Ed went up to the horse, untied him and hopped into the saddle.  When the dust settled, both Ed and the horse were dripping with sweat, but the horse was being ridden and doing everything he'd always resisted.  After about an hour of working the horse, Ed climbed down off of the horse, walked over to Mr. Green, handed him the reins and said, "Ya'll can ride him now."  Ed also asked if he could purchase the saddle that was on the horse.  Mr. Green's answer was simple, "If you come over and ride for me some more, I will give you that saddle."  So, Ed began riding for Mr. Green and later on became great friends with his son, Mr. Don Green.  Over the next several years, Ed and Don would go off to horse sales together purchasing a load at a time. 

The relationship that Don and Ed built over the years led up to Ed's purchase of Shiner.  In 2000, one of Don's greatest mares, Shiners San Gold, gave birth to what was to be one of the best stallions Don had ever anticipated by his great Hollywood Dun It son!  Much to Don's disappiontment, Shiner was born a perlino color and due to the AQHA ruling concerning cremellos and perlinos at the time that Shiner was born, he was not eligible for registry with AQHA.  For this reason, Don decided to sell the colt.  He could think of no one better than Mr. Ed Grooms.  At that time, Ed owned several APHA mares and decided that Shiner would make a great cross for them and he knew that Shiner was able to be registered with APHA, so they struck a deal.  In 2003 when AQHA changed the ruling, Mr. Grooms waisted no time in getting Shiner's AQHA papers!  Mr. Grooms bred Shiner a couple of times for some high quality APHA foals before selling him.  Scotty Ledbetter, Shiner’s third owner, was so pleased with the APHA foal that Shiner produced for him, that he decided he just had to own him. 

Shiner spent the next year or two in Bowdon, Georgia with Scotty breeding a couple of mares every year and trail riding with Scotty’s family, but Scotty wanted more for him.  He knew that Shiner was destined for greatness and felt that Shiner needed to be where someone would promote him properly and get this stallion the attention he deserved. 

Meanwhile here in Arizona, Dan and I were spending a great deal of time studying pedigrees and learning about AQHA lines and what crosses work the best.  We decided that what we wanted was a Hollywood Dun It horse (at least a grandson, if not a son) crossed with the lines of another cutting and/or reining horse.  On top of that, this horse was going to have to be beautiful enough to cross with an Arabian and not interfere with the Arabian’s beauty.  On top of that, this stallion is going to have to have a stellar disposition – one that any child could be trusted around.  And finally, this stallion was going to need to be a color producer – and we weren’t taking ANY chances with the color part, so we knew he’d have to be either cremello or perlino.  As this was a mighty tall order, we also knew that we may be looking for quite some time or that we may have to resort to breeding to get what we wanted, which was a last resort when considering the odds of not only NOT coming up with a cremello or perlino, but the possibility of getting a filly instead!

Unbelievably, Dan (my husband) and I found Shiner on a website –!  Let this be a testament to those of you looking for that “one in a million” horse!  Don’t be afraid to look on the internet websites!  There are several good horses out there just waiting for you to give them a chance!  We watched Shiner’s ad out there on the internet for about a week or two.  I was afraid of contacting Scotty because I just knew we weren’t going to be able to afford such a horse – but I couldn’t stop looking at his ad.  Finally, Dan convinced me to give Scotty a call.  I think his exact words were, “You never know unless you ask”.  So, I called.   


Scotty wanted SO badly for Shiner to be promoted properly and we desperately needed a stallion like Shiner.  After hearing about our marketing strategies and our plans, Scotty was more than willing to work out a deal with us!  We couldn’t be more grateful. 

We acquired Shiner in November 2007.  The anticipation of him coming to our place was incredible!  He showed up on December 15th, 2007.  What a Christmas gift!  I think we stayed out in the barn just watching him in the evenings for about 3 or 4 weeks.  Neither of us could believe he was here!  He’s just such a great horse!


In a Letter from Scotty Ledbetter of Bowdon, Georgia:

You have always thanked me on every e-mail since Shiner was purchased, but now I want to thank you for giving Shiner the chance he deserved. I used to just walk out to the barn at night and stare at him thinking "I own the best Stud in this part of the world or possibly the entire world, but nobody will never know him because I do not have the time it takes to get him known." Thanks again, SL

All we have to say to that is - the real thanks goes to you, Scotty, for believing enough in us to give us the chance of a lifetime to own a horse as great as Shiner!!