Shiner Dun It

       Mares Bred To Shiner For 2012 Foals




Breezy produced such an incredible colt for us with Shiner in 2010 that we just couldn't resist doing it again!  Breezy will give us yet another palomino foal in March 2012.





Bonnie is one of our client's mares.  She belongs to Carol Eldred of Vail, AZ.  Bonnie is the first grulla that we've covered here at Trickle Creek Ranch, so she brings a new element to Shiner's foals.  She should produce a dunalino or a dunskin in March of 2012.

                       2012 Foals

  Buckskin Half Arabian Filly 

Pedigree for All Red Nectar (Dam of filly)

Video of All Red Nectar (Dam of filly)



Red's filly, TCR Dun Fired It Up aka Fire, was born on 3/7/12 and she's such a tank!  She really shows her quarter horse heritage through the body, but isn't lacking Arabian beauty in her face!.  She's quick and catty and should make an excellent working western horse.  Her full sister sold for $10,000 and is in training doing exceptionally well.  Fire is for sale and you can see more information on her on our rach website at!she's/!


  Buckskin Half Arabian Filly 

Pedigree for All Laced Up (Dam of filly)

Video of All Laced Up (Dam of filly)


Lacy's filly, TCR I Dun It Myself aka Mya, was born on 3/17/12 and her personality just seems to grab anyone and everyone that comes to the ranch!  She's in your pocket, up your sleeve, nuzzling your legs and just looking for attention any way she can!  She's also very elegant with a doe-like face.  Her eyes just seem to grab your focus as you look at her.  She's going to make a great western pleasure or hunter horse as she gets older.  Mya has already found a new home where she will be loved forever!


  Buckskin Half Arabian Colt 

Pedigree for Niki (Dam of colt)



Niki's colt, TCR Gitter Dun aka Larry, was born on 3/25/12 and he's a real looker!  He's got that great quarter horse rear end, but there's no denying his Arabian heritage from his mom with his face!  He's going to make a super-star as either a hunter or western pleasure horse.  He's even catty enough that if someone wanted to play with cowhorse, he'd do them justice!  Larry is for sale.  Please see more information on him on the ranch website at 

                       2011 Foals

  Palomino Half Arabian Colt 

Pedigree for SAS Arielle (Dam of colt)

Video of SAS Arielle (Dam of colt)





Arielle's colt, TCR Automatically Dun It aka Auto, was born on 3/20/11 and boy is he a cutie!  He's got daddy's butt and momma's beautiful face...and BOTH of their athleticism!  He's the whole package...the real deal!  And he's got such a personalilty, to boot!

                       2010 Foals

 Palomino Half Arabian Colt 

 Pedigree for TR Sumerbrez (Dam of colt)

Video of TR Sumerbrez (Dam of colt)




TCR Awesum Dun It is out of a mare from Taylor Ranch named TR Sumerbrez (pronounced Summer Breeze).  Awesum was born June 11th in the early evening.  These photos were taken at about 14 hours old.  He's a really cute little guy with a nice shoulder, decent hip and LOADS of type!  We're really pleased with the Arabian traits that Shiner is letting show through in his foals, yet he's still passing on strong hips and a working western build.  This little guy is just what we've come to expect from the years invested in Breeze's breeding and the vision we've had with Shiner.  There are more photos and information available on Awesum on our Trickle Creek Ranch website.  As he is for sale, please contact us if you are interested.

 Buckskin Half Arabian Colt 

 Pedigree for TR Presentation (Dam of colt)


 Sometimes it's all about "who you know" not "what you know".  Through some very good friends of ours, Troy and Veronica Quinn of the Rising Q Ranch, we came to meet Isaac Taylor of Taylor Ranch at the Scottsdale Show in 2009.  We were able to strike a deal for some of the oldest and greatest bloodlines in the world!  The heritage that mares like this will bring to our program here at Trickle Creek Ranch is unbelievable!  We couldn't be happier that Taylor Ranch made the decision to breed three of their mares to Shiner!  This mare in particular is by the famous Nariadni and out of a Muscat daughter.  She is a beautiful liver chestnut color and produced this cute little buckskin guy in early May 2010!  Isaac seems to think he's pretty cute and happy clients make us happy!



 Palomino AQHA Filly  

Pedigree for Sparklin Skeet (Dam of filly)





This mare belongs to Michael of Queen Creek, AZ.  Michael thought he was done breeding his now 22yr old mare, but when he saw Shiner, he just couldn't resist the temptation!  We're with you, Michael!  Skeet had an absolutely beautiful filly on the 21st of February!  We've since been out to see the filly and we are pleased as can be!  We had time to take some pictures while we were there.  Michael says she's the biggest foal Skeet's ever had and he is extatic with her - always a great thing to hear from our clients!  She's as friendly as can be and is quite the little loper!  We'll certainly be watching this little girl to see what she does in the future!

 Buckskin Half Arabian Filly 

 Pedigree for My Chanell (Dam of filly)

This little darling belongs to Dr Laura Harris and was born on February 3rd, 2010!  Her mother (pictured at the top) is out of Monrovia X and for those of you that don't know, Monrovia X has more national championships than ANY other Arabian mare EVER, including wins in English Pleasure, Driving, Junior English Classes as well as Combination Classes!  Please click here for pictures of Monrovia X or here for more infomration on her.  On top of that, My Chanell is also a daughter of one of the best-known leading sires in the Arabian industry - Magnum Psyche!  This mare couldn't possibly be bred more nicely and we are just thrilled to see what she and Shiner have produced!  What a doll!  More pictures to come soon!

                       2009 Foals

  Palomino Half Arabian Colt 




This colt is out of a maternal half sister to our mare, Arielle.  Lilly did a wonderful job as a mom and gave birth to a palomino colt in May 2009 that is just precious!  Harley, as they are calling him, was bred via transported semen and lives in Ohio at Stowe Arabians.  The Stowes are quite happy with his great butt and charming, friendly personality!  Above are some pictures of Harley at just a few weeks old - ADORABLE!!

 Buckskin APHA filly 

Pedigree coming soon!


This quarter horse mare was bred to Shiner on May 1, 2008 via live cover and delivered a buckskin filly in April 2009.  We will be sure to update our website with photos as soon as we get some! 

 Palomino Half Arabian Filly  



I don't know if all breeders feel like this about their foals when they're born, but this is as adorable as it gets, folks!  This is Shiner's first Half Arabian foal EVER and his first foal for the 2009 season!  She is a beautiful golden palomino color and has the sweetest disposition!  We couldn't be more proud as Shiner has met and exceeded every expectation we had of him as a sire in this filly!  She is posted on our website for sale, so please see more pictures of her on our Trickle Creek Ranch website listed on the "for sale" page! 

                       2008 Foals

 Perlino/Cremello Appaloosa Filly  



This is Shiner's first foal for the 2008 season!  She is also his first Appaloosa foal!  She is a beautiful perlino (possibly cremello) with a white blanket!  Scotty Ledbetter (Shiner's previous owner) has her and says she's every bit as sweet as Shiner's other foals.  She's got that "in your pocket" personality.  What a cutie!  Congrats, Scotty!!

                       2006 Foals

 Buckskin AQHA Colt


 COLONEL SHINE - For more pictures and information, you can also see Shine on the for sale page on our ranch website (Trickle Creek Ranch).

 Buckskin AQHA Colt


This colt is pictured above as a weanling.

                       2005 Foals

 Palomino Paint Colt


This colt is pictured above as a two year old.  And yes, that is Shiner in the background standing next to his son for the picture.