Shiner Dun It

                CLIENT COMMENTS

Stacey, Thanks so much for making this whole AI process so easy and such a wonderful experience.  You were great and very knowledgeable about everything.  You've been awesome about working with me and checking up on how Jessie was doing and how she was coming along.  This is definetly an experience that I would be happy to repeat with you and Shiner!  It's been fun!

Saleste J. Clark - Huntsville, AR  (5/20/08)

Stacey & Dan, Just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to work with Shiner Dun It.  He is by far the best stud horse I have ever worked with.  His manners were unbelievable!  You would never know he was a stud.  His conformation and movement made taking his photos easy and was a very pleasurable experience for me.  Not a mean streak in him.  What a sweetheart!  Looking forward to working with him again.  He is the Best!!!!!  All the very best!

Tina M. Kunkle - New River, AZ  (1/7/08)